Salina Kansasland established in 1999
We have built our reputation on years of quality, affordable work and tires. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and great service!
 24 Hour Emergency Tire Service 
Kansasland Tire & Service - Salina, Kansas
684 S. Broadway Blvd
Salina, KS 67401
Phone: (785) 825-8724
Fax: (785) 827-3124
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The Kansasland Tire Terra and Turf Group are the experts in the field. Years of experience make us the folks to call on for your normal or not so normal needs. Whether that need is to go wider, taller, narrower or shorter ... we can design and supply everything you may need. Tires designed for high load capacity, low compaction, good traction and the custom or stock wheels to go with them. The Terra and Turf Group has tires from Alliance, Tireco, Galaxy, Goodyear, Titan, Denman and other manufacturers to give our customers exactly what the need calls for.
We also produce custom retreads and turf buffed tires in many sizes and custom solid tires for agriculture and construction equipment. We can deliver these tires and wheels whereever they need to go.
If you are traveling, or your busy fleet is on the road, check our map for our other locations across Kansas to meet your service needs!
Kansasland Tire has been in operation since 1971 throughout Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and Oklahoma.
Salina Kansasland Tire Additional Services:
     • 24 Hour Emergency Road Service
     • Turf Buff for the Softest Touch on Sod
     • Solid tires for agriculture and construction equipment
     • Foam Filled Tires and Repair
     • Skid Steer Wheels
     • Flotation Tires and Rims
     • Toll free number: 800.255.0276
Michelin Agricultural Tires

Flotation Tires and Wheels
Kansasland Tire has available flotation tires & wheels to fit all your needs.

We can supply high quality flotation tires in most all brands and sizes. Flotation wheels to fit your factory units or custom rims for shop built units. Regardless of your type of business be it ag / golf course / fertilizer appl or industrial hauling over soft ground we will build the custom wheels you need to get the job done.