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The all-new PATAGONIA A/T W was developed for year-long driving confidence with a tread design capable of tackling harsh and inclement conditions. The aggressive all-terrain design features segmented wishbone tread blocks with stepped block ends for additional biting edges and debris evacuation. The advanced silica compound allows for outstanding all-weather performance in a wide range of temperatures, while the Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake stamping assures you this tire is going to perform when the winter season sets in. To further enhance the A/T W's winter performance, the unique tread design is also studdable with a #12 stud pin where local regulations permit. Available in 11 sizes with a 40k mile treadwear warranty, the PATAGONIA A/T W is the tire to satisfy all of your needs.

For superior traction in harsh terrain, look no further than the PATAGONIA M/T. Whether it's rocks, mud, snow or sand the PATAGONIA M/T is one tough tire and will provide maximum traction in any terrain. Designed to be at home rock crawling, exploring the desert, mud bogging, playing in the dunes, or a casual drive through mountain trails, the PATAGONIA M/T has all the attributes to overcome any terrain. The high-void tread design is engineered to provide aggressive biting edges while promoting self cleaning. Staggered, off-center tread blocks provide increased traction while enhancing on-the-road performance. The PATAGONIA M/T's 3-ply sidewall provides additional protection against impact damage, while stone ejectors combat stone drilling. Built to tackle rugged terrain anywhere you may want to explore, the PATAGONIA M/T will allow you to push your vehicle to the limit. This tire is available in LT and flotation sizes for both import and domestic 2X4, 4X4 and AWD vehicles. Some of the more popular sizes are LT265/75R16, LT285/75R16, LT265/70R17, LT285/70R17 and 37X12.50R17.