Advantages of Regular Maintenance of Belts & Hoses

Belts and hoses are among the more susceptible components in a vehicle, with a relatively shorter lifespan due to constant exposure to engine heat, vibrations, and corrosive substances. These conditions can lead to cracks and leaks. Warning signs of failing belts and hoses include unusual noises like squeaks or screeches when the engine starts or during operation. Notably, grinding noises near belts often point to issues with the pulley bearing rather than the belt itself. Other indicators of a problem include loss of power, fluid leaks, dashboard warning lights, steam from the engine, or air conditioning malfunction.

Particularly in the summer, when high temperatures can accelerate the deterioration of rubber components, vigilance in maintenance becomes crucial. Since visual inspection of belts and hoses can be challenging, adhering to the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule is advisable to prevent unexpected failures.